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PhotoLab Calendar allows the user to set, write, and manage work appointments. The program is a great help to anyone in the photo business, especially professionals working on tight schedules.
The application is robust and you can find an Interactive Calendar among its features, which can be seen in both vertical and horizontal timelines, specially helpful when working on a project involving several photo sessions. The program allows the schedule printing Wizard to have a copy of the schedule in case the access to program is limited on the sessions.

Some of the interesting features of the application is the Customers built-in data base. After entering this data, the user can manage all work-related sessions with customers and then have information on the work frequency with any specific customer. This works like a small Customer Relationship Management program. To complete this functionality, all registered schedules can be exported to Outlook, which enables you to have all the information there and manage mails with customers, set up sessions, and then import any change to PhotoLab Calendar again.

Augusto Rivera
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  • The program uses an Office-like Ribbon Toolbar that allows easy access to all features. Works like a small CRM


  • Adding new tasks/appointments is not easy unless you complete the clients database. The use of some "operators" to set activities may confuse users not familiar with these criteria
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